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Phoenixborn: Dimona Odinstar
Created by: AndyWeiss33
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x5 Divine
x5 Natural

FF: Ready spells vs. Illusion; Three books + Magic Purity + Sleepy Bear vs. non-Astrea non-Illusion

Throw Spiked Armor on Turtle Guards to make 1-7-2 defenders that are realistically 2-7-2 unit guards without exhaustion. Add in a Devotion for 2-9-3 and awake or 3-9-3 without triggering cumbersome. Regress can be an issue here, but if they're throwing it on Turtles instead of big hitters, all the better.

Surprise with Sleepy Bear when you can; throw it down when blockers are exhausted, then wake it up immediately (careful against Astrea).

Attach Power Through to Elephant Rider if possible, but it'll work well on anybody besides the Rabbits and Turtles (again, watch out for Mark of the Goddess).

Between Magic Purity, Luck Stream, and Magic Potential, you should have enough dice to do whatever you need to do.


Would you mind changing the name of this deck? I'd like for my son to use this site so we can build decks together. Thanks!

Done and done

Thank you sir! You are a gentleman and a scholar.


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