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Phoenixborn: Aradel Summergaard
Created by: konoshi240
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x4 Ceremonial
x2 Divine
x2 Illusion
x2 Natural

my FF is all ready spells and fifth card i chose depending on the oponent deck.
-Chant of revenge is very good in this deck because many units are dying.
-Mist Spirits for spam
-Blood Puppets for damage and block oponent battle field and exhaust dice
-Winged Lioness are good direct damage
-Hidden Power for return dice
-Alteration spells for buff your units
- reaction spells for do something when your unit die



Are Blood Puppets good in a unit-based deck like this? Can't your opponent just use them to block (other than the iionesses)?

I agree. I don't like Blood Puppets in this type of deck. Perhaps something like Summon Shadow Spirits?


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