Lose yourself to my Charm

Phoenixborn: Saria Guideman
Created by: Winnoward
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x7 Charm
x3 Divine

A deck sole built for the purpose of draining your enemies hand and deck, and dealing some damage at the side.

Mind Probe, Memory Theft and Interrogate work great together, as do Purge, Heart's Pull, Remorse and Song of Sorrow

Devotion makes your Violinists and Ninja's that much harder to kill and provides them with a little protection from cards like Meteor or Kneel. (Another option could be Undying Heart but I personally like that Devotion uses a Side Action to play instead of a Main Action).

Owls and Spirits empty the hand and can clog a smaller battlefield, Sun Sisters makes sure your Ninja's and Violinists return, While heal keeps Saria healthy.
Lastly, Call to action can be used to unexhaust for an extra attack or ability use.


No actual removal here, right? How would this deck deal with like a turn 1 Hammer Knight?


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