Not Ready to Stop

Phoenixborn: Victoria Glassfire
Created by: byrdru
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x3 Ceremonial
x6 Illusion
x1 Natural




I'm curious what the wincon is for this deck. It looks like you're going for battlefield clog with the potential for dice exhaustion, but I don't see any way for you to deal damage outside the Blood Puppets and Abundance.

You also have no units of your own aside from the Puppets and Anchornaut (whose presence I don't understand.) It seems to me that any deck with a decent amount of unit removal, and burn decks in particular, wouldn't have much of a problem dealing with this setup.

The idea is blank your opponents unit removal by not really having any. The 1x anchonuat is essentially a chump blocker you can get back for free with Ceremonial. He can also finish off a unit without using a main action so you can immediately replace that unit with a BP.

I agree that this deck would lose to burn. I honestly don't have much actual experience with this game. How does any deck beat burn?

You can beat burn by burning faster and better, but it does remain one of the more effective strategies. Cards like Heal, Vanish, and Chant of Protection can also help you hold out against burn. The more a deck devotes to burn though, the more it sacrifices on the battlefield.

Coming back to that, unit removal isn't pertinent only to your battlefield. If your opponent has tools like Blood Chains, Poison, and a variety of unit abilities or burn that lets them target their own units, they won't have too much trouble clearing their clogged battlefield and bringing in fresh attackers. And since you have virtually no units of your own, that could present a problem. A few good swings and you'll be down for the count.


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