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Phoenixborn: Rin Northfell
Created by: lizzie
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x4 Divine
x5 Natural
x1 Ceremonial

Rin refuses to kneel. His units are devoted to straight up slaughtering. He dispels jungle boy's status as the best new PB on the block. 

Everyone forgets his golems are great bc they can fall into ice traps. But that's why he's packing law of sight and shield mages. 

FF against non-illusion: Law of sight, Summon Frostback Bear, Summon Ice Golem, Summon Winged Lioness, Royal Charm (will not be played until round 2 unless you choose not to summon)

FF against illusion: swap sight for Shield mage 

Rin is fabulous, flawless, and he dgaf 


" Call upon the realms unless you roll all the class sides you need then frost bite "  Just as a point of order, you pick your first five and THEN roll your dice for the first round....

I could have sworn that I read a thread somewhere where people said that you roll your dice and then choose your first five. But maybe they were referring to the fact that you can choose to discard after you roll and potentially draw into something you can pay for? 

I looked at the FAQ and I think you are right. But now I'm wondering what thread gave me that idea, and how I misunderstood that thread bc I did not play that way for the longest time, but started after reading something on the fb page. hmmmm :/ 



Getting to roll before FF is chosen would be unbelievably broken, as you could adapt your FF to what you got with the dice. Only the opponent's PB is enough of a "help".

By the way I tried your deck. It's always fun to get bears with lionesses, lions would be deadlier but yet you chose another path which is efficient. However, I want to say this:

1) Frost Bite. A lonely 1 damage will not be enough, even with the predators. I would even dare to suggest Meteor so you can destroy swarms and kill tougher enemy units. As Shield Mage provides 1 more life value and you use alterations to increase (her?) life, you will keep larger units while devastating the opponent's.

2) More of a minor issue, but Crystal Shield and Devotion should switch their copy number. Devotion can respark, so 2 copies is enough; Crystal Shield can be recycled with Dispel, if you happen to not remove 2 status tokens instead. However, as Dispel shuffles to the draw pile, Crystal Shield must be in 3 copies so you can hope you will draw one sooner.

3) Call upon the Realms is... weird. Rin's Fury gives a second chance to 5 dice, and turning dice to any side would better work in a deck which hardly recycles its dice. As of this, you should remove it. Unless you want to go full aggressive, but Shield Mage and Ice Golem only confirm it is not the goal.

4) Admitting Call upon the Realms will not be in, you FF would always consist of Law of Sight, the 3 summons and a Shield Mage. The latter plays an important role as the only ally of the deck AND the protector of Golems and Lionesses; you understood Ice Trap as a threat, but Law of Sight will only help you building your first round's field, including with the 2 cards you may have drawn from activating the Law. Try 1 Ceremonial die.
5) For your dice line, I would suggest 5 Divine, 4 Nature and 1 Ceremonial if you replace Call upon the Realms with Meteor. In that case, meditation should be enough to mititgate bad dice results.

Let's recap:

Rin Northfell

5 Divine, 4 Nature, 1 Ceremonial.

3X Frostback Bear
3X Ice Golem
3X Frost Bite
1X Law of Sight
3X Winged Lioness

3X Rin's Fury
3X Dispel
3X Meteor
3X Crystal Shield
2X Devotion

3X Shield Mage

And all conjurations needed.

Of course, it's my twist to your deck, but still do consider these as tips.

Yeah with the rule clarification call upon the realms is useless to me in this deck. Frost bite was mainly in bc I'm playing devotion where I would normally want to play power through and I was worried about borads getting locked up late game- but that wouldn't be an issue with Meteor.

I really like the suggestion to include a single ceremony die for getting back shield mages. I think if I'm going to play meteor I would rather have royal charm over frostbite though. Yeah I thought about swapping the numbers for devotion and crystal shield but I would love to just have three devotions on the board. Tbh this deck is probably too hard of a counter to kneel but meh, I'll give this version a try. 


Oh, ok then. Could you give some feedback later? It interests me ^^

Well I tried it against a Jericho that was running hypnotize and elephant riders... so Rin got straight up slaughtered. Will try it again against other PB and let you know. Despite it being a deck I built I'm not sure I even like it, not exactly my play style, I like more ping

Played it againt a Koji. Lionesses were great for seedlings. Dispel helped delay thorns, until I could get out a lioness to pick off the seedling. And as much as I want ice golems to work, they just aren't pulling their weight for the dice :( For three dice emperor lions would do more, though I also think having some cheap lowlife blockers like lightbringers could be useful.

Had some bad luck- I did not draw any of my Meteors or Rin's Fury. 

Tempted to try with four books, Lioness, Lions, Bears, and Lightbringers- but this deck really isn't my style so I'm probably going to work more on other things. 

Thanks for the advice! Hope you had fun trying it even if it didn't work so fabulously. 




I had fun but, I DID tell you lions were bears friends a bit more than lionesses ^^ Lightbringers are a good idea though x')

Anyway it was cool yup, it's not really my style neither but the deck is good as I tried it since the last time. I think even if you consider it as "unfitting yourself" lots of people could take example on it ^^

But I look forward to seeing your next deck, and if you could give a hint about the playstyle it'd make me smile :P

Well I usually have at least 5 decks built at once, and I play, change, and build new as I see fit. Sometimes I only give a deck one or two plays before I decide it's not for me. I only publish decks if I think they are decent since I like to try a lot of crazy things and cards that aren't as popular so 9/10 decks I make fail horribly and I don't publish them.

My favorite deck is one I built with Aradel called String, Ping, Bling I published it a while ago. It is lovely and I have yet to lose with it. I really like ping damage and having the option to use small sacrifice to exhaust. I'm currently testing out a few decks that may or may not get pubished depending on how terribly I lose with them :D. A leo that uses royal charm, amplify, hypnotize, and all allies except finch. And a Koji that the idea is to build a huge board then kneel to exhaust all of your stuff and your oppenent and summon a huge mirror spirit and swing.



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