Circle of Life v2

Phoenixborn: Maeoni Viper
Created by: Musclecarlover07
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x4 Charm
x3 Divine
x3 Natural

So the basic concept is get the Silver Snake out. Then use the Winged Lioness and her Stalk to attack Allies. Power up the Silver Snake then go in for the kill. Having cards like Heal can give Maeoni extra life, already with the most at 22, being able to give her an additional 6 health will help. Or use it to help keep the Silver Snake alive. Power through on Winged Lioness for the extra attack and the nice Power Through ability.


Recommended starting 5: 

Summon Silver Snake (Obvious)

Summon Gilder (Obvious)

Summon Winged Lioness (Obvious)

Power Through (For Winged Lioness)

Call Upon the Realms (Guarentee the Silver Snake comes out) 

Any recommendations/comments welcome



question? whats the use of to shadows in this deck? because i believe that snakes can't get a status token from a unit destroyed by the illusion ability.


You are most defiantly correct. I was thinking that I controlled the ability that gave illusion. But the FAQ clearly states: When damage is dealt to a unit with the Illusion ability, Illusion resolves and destroys the unit before the damage can resolve into wounds and destroy the unit. 

Not a problem. I will look to updating the deck. Thanks for that catch. 


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