X-Planet Tournament 1st Place

Phoenixborn: Brennen Blackcloud
Created by: TonyStellato
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x4 Ceremonial
x2 Illusion
x4 Natural

Brought this to a 6-person tourney and took 1st place. The deck is pretty snazzy, mainly using Brennan's ability and Chant of Revenge to snipe units and gain superior board state. It went undefeated, but I definitely could have lost the first game. It was only my second time piloting the deck, so I'm sure I made millions of player errors. 

Expand Energy was a fantastic include. Having that extra die every round was huge, and paired with Hidden Power, it is just madness. Crimson Bomber was useless, dieing to Ice Trap and being inconveniently priced (2x the same resource is not very flexible). Other than that, I wouldn't change too much. Enjoy!



what is your starting hand ?

First five is usually Summon Bear, Chant, Expand Energy, Hammer Knight and EV. Fire Archer can replace EV if you need to snipe something with 4 life (Rin's Bears). Choke can replace Chant if you are against Noah.

Interesting deck~ I'm new to Ashes here and it's been really fun. I just have 2 questions:

Did you play against any Jessa (e.g., Jessa with bears, monks, snipers)? Would your FF be different from the one you've mentioned in the comment?


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