Victoria Unstoppable Archer

Phoenixborn: Victoria Glassfire
Created by: Sajan666
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x6 Charm
x4 Illusion

My second construction.

FF: Hypnotize, Amplify, Flash Archer, Hidden Power, 5th one as usually depends on matchup but maybe Memory Theft and cast it early to make sure you won't be screwed? I would probably go for Three-Eyed Owl because why not?


Probably best scenario is to start second to go first turn 2.

Turn1: Cast Archer + Charm Dice, try to spend Hearts of charm basics

Turn2: Amplify + Charm Dice or Victoria's ability if necessary

Turn3: Hidden Memory + Charm Dice

Turn4: Hypnotize + Charm Dice but only if you don't want to summon Owl this turn or use Memory Theft. 

Turn5: Use Hypnotize and attack for 10 unstoppable or 12 depends which option you choose in turn 4.


Hints: protect Archer with Victoria - Archer must survive to round 2. If you will be able, then give Archer some dices again and just finish. In worst scenario just attack immediately with Hypnotize - this is 14 damage on turn 1 round 2. 


Why these dices and cards? 

Theoretically you need only 3 Illusions, but I always have bad roll and this is something that can fix slightly chance for necessary mana.

2 Hypnotize because Noah and if you will have then in battlefield and Change Psyche then you can attack twice with no blockers.

Memory Theft to at least know what you can expect.



Hello, I created a version that revolves around the Holy Knight instead of Flash Archer. Thanks for the inspiration!


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