Round end - Reaction?

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Round end - Reaction?


When using the card Fade Away, a unit will leave play at the end of the round. Can you use the reaction spell Final Cry when your unit is leaving play?
What made me uncertain is that cards with the Respark ability, cannot be resparked at the end of the round, and the fact that reaction spells has a limit of "1 per turn".

And my next point is, if YES - you can use final cry when a unit is leaving play 'cause of Fade Away.. Can I trigger as many reaction spells as I want to? (As long as they are valid) Since this is outside of the Turn Phases?

You cna't trigger any Reaction Spell, at all, outside the Player Turns phase. It is not really clear from the rulebook but I think it's in the FAQ somewhere.

You can trigger other effects that are not Reaction Spells off stuff that happens at the end of the round, so Fade Away can trigger your Chants of Revenge for example.


It says that players may play up to 1 Reactionspell per turn. If you are very pedantic about that it also means that you have 0 Reactionspells to play when no player has its turn.


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