cut the strings

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cut the strings

can cut the strings be used (just for the 2 damages) if there is no alteration spell in play?

(I think no, since all targets must be named before resolving the effects)

From what I'm understanding you could use it for the damage since you perform as much as the cardtext as you can when you use the spell. 

but the rulling about Rin's fury is that you must target a player (even if you don't want to damage him)

With cut the stings it does say do two damage to a unit you control. So if you wanted to hit a leech warrior, living doll or blood puppet you could, even if there is no alteration since it says you may. If your group wants you to declare a target for semantics sakes I guess that is really up to them, but you can still use the card even if there is no alteration in play.


At the very least that is how I'm going to interpret this.

My problem is that if we make a rulling for rin's fury (you must anounce target) and another rulling for cut the strings (you can anounce no target), a third card would need a third rulling, and so on!

a general (official?) rulling about targets would be simpler.

Actually the ruling is the same for me. As said by Ninjaofcheese, you can use a card as long as it is not exhausted and perform as much as the card text said, that means you must target a card when needed if there is a possible target, otherwise you just don't apply this part of the cardtext but the rest is still applied. In rin's fury case, you must target a phoenixborn because you'll always have a valid target (your opponent's phoenixborn), while with cut the string, there could be no valid target just because there isn't any alteration spell on the board.

Hope my answer is clear enough and helps you ^^

I think the key text on the card is "you MAY discard a target alteration spell". So you could trigger the damage without any intent to discard an alteration card.

and Rin's fury "may" too...

You have to chose a target >if you can< in both cases, but don't need to chose one if there is none.

In all games though, you will play against a phoenixborn so Rin's fury alwasy has a target.

Does this still help like 7 months later ? ^^

that would be clear... but it's not what is written in the faq...


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