Namine Hymntide (Wrigley) vs Lulu Firststone (BryzZoe)

Date of Game: 2017-September-2
Confirmation Status: Unconfirmed
Wrigley: Confirmed
BryzZoe: Confirmed

Match Participants

Player: Wrigley
Phoenixborn: Namine Hymntide
Deck: Naminatrix
Player: BryzZoe - WINNER
Phoenixborn: Lulu Firststone
Deck: Unlisted

Zoe's deck opened fast and had me reeling, but heals plus encore/heal helped keep me from the brink while I built out my battlefield. Thought I had her with a big swing of power ponies but came up short and she was able to swing a bunch of bolstered weenies to get me. Rematch coming!

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