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Phoenixborn: Namine Hymntide
Created by: ellio
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x2 Ceremonial
x3 Illusion
x4 Natural
x1 Sympathy

If you don't mind Elliot, I will add your note here from the Facebook group page:

Non illusion Jessa, Luck 14:
Molten Gold, Summon Butterfly Monk, Summon Shadow Spirit, Encore, Chant of Revenge

Molten Gold takes out a Hammer Knight (or bear, or lion) and helps save you from some round 1 damage. The hand requires a lot of meditation (5 power), which is actually great - because you need to meditate until you hit another Summon book. Getting two summon books, ideally butterfly monk, is critical in the matchup. This is one of a few first fives I use where meditate + encore is the strategy. I've had a few people ask me what happens if I have to meditate something like 10 dice - and the answer is that I may lose. I'm not worried about this, though, because as I said getting double books is critical - in these matchups, if I don't have a second book in the top 10 cards I am going to lose anyway. With this approach, I sometimes just find that out quicker.

Charm/Divine/Ceremonial Leo (owls and lioness):
Shifting Mist, Summon Shadow Spirit, Summon Butterfly Monk, Chant of Revenge, Ice Trap
Owls are the biggest threat to me here. I need to have shifting to make sure that I meditate as little as possible. Ice trap over Anchornaut ensures that it takes him longer to ramp up on owls. Shadow Spirit and Chant of Revenge help me pressure Owls.

In general, Shifting, Shadow Spirit, Bmonk would be must against heavy illusion. Would usually go chant of revenge for the fourth, and the fifth depends on their makeup. If Owls are a possibility, then Ice Trap would be the 5th. Otherwise, would also consider not starting Chant and instead using Hammer Knight + Anchornaut. If they want to try to take you off a Shadow Spirit round 1, they probably can.

is it normal that i cant download any pdf lists on the website?



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