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Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is an expandable card by Plaid Hat Games that is growing fast! Organized Play kits are now available to game stores through distribution. For details on those kits, organized play in general, and running or participating in events, review the information below.

Useful Documents

The Rules for Organized play document includes rules for tournament formats, time limits, tiebreakers, etc.

You can find the OP guide – also included in all Ashes OP kits, by clicking here.

Additional OP kit instructions can be found in this document.

These are the most updated versions of the guides and should be your reference for any questions.

If the tournament you attend is in the Two-player Built Deck format, you will need to print out this sheet and write down all cards included in your custom deck.
Download the deck list sheet here.

For the organizer, you will need the Event Score Sheet to keep track of all players’ event points as well as the Match Sheets to give out to all players. They can be found here:
For stores to use as they please. Available here.

Organized Play Kits

You can purchase the Ashes OP kit directly from your distributor.

OP kits can be purchased for an event that does not take place at a game store. However, you will need special permission to do so. Please contact with details about where you would like to host your event, how many people you expect will attend, and when you would like your event to take place.
The Ashes OP kits are made for 8 players.
Since an Ashes OP kit only allows for 8 players, you will need an extra kit for any extra players. For example, if you want to hold a 16-person event, you will need to purchase 2 kits.
Included in the kit is: 1 player mat, 8 Dimona Odinstar web exclusives (including 8 Dimona Odinsatr cards and 24 Rayward Knight cards), 8 Lulu Firestone web exclusives (including 8 Lulu Firestone cards and 24 Phoenix Barrage cards), 8 alternate art Mist Spirit cards, 1 alternate art Brennen Blackcloud card, 1 alternate art Rin Northfell card.
For visuals and info, check out the sales sheet here.
The Lulu Firestone promos, Dimona Odinstar promos, and Mist Spirit alternate art cards are to be given to each participating player.  Prizes (Player Mat, Rin Northfell alternate art card, and Brennen Blackcloud alternate art card) are to be distributed to the top 3 players. The first player may choose the item he/she wants, then the second and the third gets the remaining item.

While there is no pre-set way to distribute the prizes for – let’s say – a 16-person event, we have a few suggestions of ways to distribute the prizes:

  • By giving 1 player mat and 1 copy of each Rin Northfell and Brennen Blackcloud alternate art cards to the top 2 players.
  • By giving the player mats to the top 2 players and having a random draw for the Rin Northfell and Brennen Blackcloud cards.
  • By giving the choice of the player mat or both alternate art cards (Rin and Brennen) to the top 3 players and putting the item left up for random draw.

These are all suggestions and you are free to deviate from them, but we believe they are the most functioning options. To see a full list of distribution suggestions check out the OP guide here.

Running an Ashes Organized Play Event

You will find a guide enclosed in the OP kit. However, an updated version of the instructions is available online, as well as the OP guide.

Yes. We suggest that stores that have purchased an Ashes OP kit plan their event in the month following the purchase of the kit. If you have not run an event within 10 weeks of purchase, we will contact you to inquire why you have not yet run your event.
If you list your event on the Plaid Hat Games website – which we highly suggest – a member of the Plaid Hat Corps will soon be able to sign up to run it. That person will then come to your location and run the entire event. Plaid Hat Corps members that run events are entitled to Plaid Hat Credit as a thank you for running an event. You can find out more details about running events as a corps member here.
  • Two-player Built Decks: PLAYERS must bring their own decks. They must be prepared according to the rules found on page 14 of the Ashes rulebook.
  • Two-player Drafted Decks: STORES must supply the copies of Ashes required to allow for a draft. 2 copies of Ashes are needed for an 8-player event.
  • Scenario Play: As of now there are no scenario play options available yet, so it is not possible to use this format at this time.
For one 8-person tournament kit, the suggested number of rounds to play is 3. If more people are participating in the tournament, the number of rounds is augmented for each four participating players. (So 12 people = 4 rounds, 16 people = 5 rounds, etc.)

Participating in an Ashes Organized Play Event

The events will be listed on the Plaid Hat Games website and they should let you know what type of event it is. If not, you can contact the store directly for this information.

All the information about building a custom deck is found on page 14 of the Ashes rulebook.

We strongly discourage participating in the event you are the Organizer for. Logistics-wise, it’s hard to be making sure that the event runs smoothly and to answer everyone’s questions while also playing. However we understand that organizers are doing this for the love of the game, and may want to participate. Because of this we have created some guidelines that we encourage you to follow if you decide to particpate.
Click here to download the organized play guide for more information.

Absolutely! You are free to participate in as many Ashes OP events as you wish.

Sure, just make sure that you respect the rules found on page 14 of the Ashes rulebook and that you update the Built Deck list sheet that you will have to give to the Organizer.

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