Phoenixborn: Namine Hymntide
Created by: Phenexian
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x2 Illusion
x3 Natural
x5 Sympathy

I piloted this deck for second place in a London tournament getting 3 wins and 1 loss.

The aim of this deck is to build up a board of Squall Stallions then massively buff their damage with the card draw from Empower and other minor action draw effects for a giant lethal swing.
River Skald will help you retain board control while you set up, with the help of Empower it can be used in response to attacks and even shoot down creatures with more than 3 health thanks to the attack buff. (I like to aim for 1 more damage than needed to avoid particle shield). If you attack with River Scald and then use empower to draw, it gets to use its power and still deal attack damage, however it will then have two exhaustion counters on it, so that strategy is best saved for your final, game-winning attack.
Out of the Mist is a huge asset for the final attack, removing a blocker and also providing card draw to buff your stallions.
Frost Bite and Molten Gold will help you squeak a bit of final damage through if you fall short, or combined with Encore will help you fight against mill decks if they successfully lock you down.

For your first five I suggest: Summon Squall Stallion, Empower, River Skald, Hidden Power and a flexible slot which you use to counter your opponent's strategy (such as Ice Trap, Summon Butterfly Monk and Dispel)

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