Unstoppable Knight IV

Phoenixborn: Dimona Odinstar
Created by: dYnkYn
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x5 Charm
x3 Divine
x2 Illusion

FF: Hypnotize, Law of Assurance, Hidden Power, Amplify and Holy Knight.

- Law of Assurance (1 Divine + 1 Illusion) and take 1 Divine + 1 Illusion dice back + Meditate 2 Charm die

- Holy Knight (3 Divine + 1 Charm) + Pimp your Knight with 1 Charm

- Amplify (1 Charm) + Pimp your Knight with 1 Charm

- Hidden Power (1 Illusion)  and get 2 Charm back + Pimp your Knight with 1 Charm if you loose a die at start, otherwise, keep it.

- Hypnotize

- Hypnotize (2 Charm) + Attack for 9 (or 11 if one die was removed at start) + Order to remove exhaustion from Holy Knight.

This version is less powerfull but is immune to many effects. With high probability, your knight will still be alive in turn 2 !


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