Unstopabble Knight

Phoenixborn: Maeoni Viper
Created by: SourPrume
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x5 Charm
x5 Divine

This deck was inspired by Sajan666's Victoria Unstoppable Archer (https://play.plaidhatgames.com/ashes/deck/victoria-unstoppable-archer). Thanks for the inspiration! The deck basically revolves around buffing one unit, giving it Hypnotize and finishing in two rounds. However, I replaced his Flash Archer by the beautiful Holy Knight. Here's why:



+ Holy Knight is a far better ally while having the same amount of die cost (4). His stats are superiour, and his ability prevents him from being targeted by basically anything,  while he is unexhausted.

+ Maeoni has 4 HP more than Victoria.

+ Your dice are protected by Law of Assurance.

+ I removed the Amplify alteration, reducing the amount of counterplay cards from 8 to 4.

+ Holy Knight can't be targeted by Ice trap, while Flash Archer can.

- You can only reach a max. of 10 damage per turn (20 dmg in 2 rounds might not be enough if your opponent can heal).

- After Holy Knight has attacked, he loses his all-powerfull ability, making him (and your strategy) vulnerable.

- One-trick-pony: if your Holy Knight dies, you might be in trouble.


Basically, your deck resolves around 3 cards, which you should always take: Holy Knight, Hypnotize and Law of Assurance. I would also take an Open Memories, so that you can search your deck for the card you need in the next round (knowing your opponent's deck by now). As a fifth card, I would suggest Dispel, which could remove an alteration spell when your Holy Knight is exhausted.


Turn 1: MAIN Play Holy Knight (use a charm die as basic die). SIDE Play Charm on Holy Knight.

Turn 2: MAIN Play Law of Assurance (use a charm die as basic die), then retrieve your 2 charm die. SIDE Play Charm on Holy Knight.

Turn 3: MAIN Play Hypnotize. SIDE choose whether you wanna play Charm on Holy Knight OR keep 1 die for Dispel.

Turn 4: SIDE Activate Hypnotize & Maeoni's ability. MAIN Attack Phoenixborn for either 9 or 10 damage.


The rest of your deck are cards which grant your Holy Knight protection and support in any form. Search the card you need with your Open Memories, win in the 2nd round.

Refresh removes all exhaustion tokens. Dispel removes an alteration spell (can be placed when Holy Knight is exhausted). Heal and Shield mage can help your Holy Knight survive if your opponent has lots of direct damage spells (again, when Holy Knight is exhausted).


Use Maeoni to block damage for your Holy Knight. Be smart about how many Charm die you place on your Holy Knight.

You are going for a fast victory. Meditate to get the exact dice you need.

See what deck your opponent uses. If he has natural dice, he might have a Molten Gold, which could be enough damage to kill your Knight when he is exhausted.

There are 4 cards that counter you: Noah's ability, Seal and Blackcloud Ninja can stop your Hypnotize. Redirect can stop your one attack altogether.

This deck was theorycrafted and not tested. Did I miss something? Please leave a comment for improvement or a like. Thanks.



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