Unchained v3

Phoenixborn: Orrick Gilstream
Created by: Leonard03
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x2 Ceremonial
x1 Charm
x3 Divine
x1 Illusion
x3 Natural

FF changes quite a bit depending on MU. Owl, Bear and Lion are mainstays, while others are flex. Reflections if there's owls. Regress if they are running HK colours. Dispel if I'm worried about their regress. Maybe even an HK if there isn't a worry of Choke or heavy illusion. Chant as often as I can.

When playing I generally try to get the owl out as fast as possible to pressure their FF. I keep the book around only until I draw into my 5th ready spell (usually Frost Bite) in which case I med the book out to switch to more burn. Haven't faced a Vicky Meteor with the deck yet, so can't comment on the MU.

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