Phoenixborn: Namine Hymntide
Created by: Cronos804
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x5 Ceremonial
x5 Sympathy

A Deck in the style of the premade decks. It is intended to play against the other Decks in the Box.

Suggested Starting Hand :

  1. Magic Syphon,
  2. Guilt Link
  3. Leech Warrior
  4. Summon Dreadwraith
  5. Summon Blood Puppet

Interactions of the Deck :

  • You have multiple tools do damage to your own units. Leech Warrior and Dread Wraith both profit from being damaged. Crescendo give you the ability to remove an enemy unit and buff your own in a single aciton. Guilt Link can be used on your own units.
  • You can use posion on your own stringmage and give the damage to the enemy every turn with your sideaction. Use the Iron Worker if you want to perform multiple side actions or get her back with encore or Dice if you want to let her die.
  • You can use a Stringmage to take damage from blood puppets that your enemy is trying to slowly kill. There is a risk involved but it's possible.
  • You can summon a Bloodpuppet for yourself just to be sure to trigger Guilt¬†Link every round if your opponent somehow does not.
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