String, Ping, Bling

Phoenixborn: Aradel Summergaard
Created by: lizzie
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x3 Ceremonial
x4 Natural
x3 Sympathy

Before Koji/Astrea 

FF: Summon Jaguar, Summon Frostback Bear, Summon Salamander Monk, Small Sacrifice, String Mage

When playing against illusion they usually go for my ceremony dice to prevent me form using small sac- I actually rarely use it first turn and instead spend the dice for gazing their units, same with summoning the salamander monk, I usually wait till round two and spend that die to exhaust something of theirs. 

If you roll poorly you can always meditate your string mage and then later use ceremony to get it back. If you do I would summon the salamander monk.

Root armor is for String mage

Small Sac can be very versitile once you get a second copy up. If they have a small battlefield use it to exhuast rather than ping.


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