The Promised Hand

Phoenixborn: Jericho Kill
Created by: byrdru
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x2 Divine
x7 Sympathy
x1 Ceremonial

Is Jericho the best PB? Her power is sweet and can be used multiple times per round, Double Edge is disgustingly good.

First Five: Squall Stallion, Double Edge, River Skald always. One matchup specific card: Crescendo, Prepare, Shatter Pulse, or Sonic Swordsman. Also always take an Anchornaut to discard to PB power at the start of the game. You can res it with the Ceremonial Die and have some fun.

The goal of the deck is to draw a lot to trigger Horsies and Skalds. Take advantage of extra cards with Spear Master, Crescendo, and the PB power. Make sure you're passing each round with a card to throw away at the start of the next.

Shatter Pulse is probably the weakest card in the deck and should be replaced. Battle Mage can also be upgraded.


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