Prince of Purge

Phoenixborn: Leo Sunshadow
Created by: lizzie
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x10 Charm

FF Beast Tamer, Purge, Open Memories, Summon Orchid Dove, Summon Three-eyed Owl

Open memories is for second copy of purge, this is a heavy mill deck, you want to get that running as soon as you can. Memory theft is for late game once their deck has run out, meditate off your copies of purge. Haven't needed it most times- game ususally ends before that.

Beast tamer is a MUST for FF. But if you want to wait on the orchid doves and FF an anguish go for it.

Main weakness is Phoenixborn with big battle fields and lots of conjurations- i.e. playing against a four book aradel sucks. 


I worked with my friend Caleb from his deck and we made some changes. Namely to make the phoenixborn Leo (he had previously been running vicky), make it mono-charm, and to add in beast tamers, orchid doves, and anguish. So shout out to him for having an awesome deck to tweak!  

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If you never get to Memory Theft, might make sense to take it out and add in EVs to make purge doubly useful



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