Mass Extinction

Phoenixborn: Victoria Glassfire
Created by: mbauers
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x2 Charm
x3 Divine
x5 Illusion

This is my deck that finished 5th place at Gencon 2017.  Christian Pratt and I both used it (and created it together, with him providing the earliest version and inspiration and me riding his coattails) and finished in the Top 16.  It has a lot of versatility and very few weaknesses, one of them being dependent on drawing meteor round 2 or 3.  For this reason, I might try to swap out the 2 hypnotizes for 2 more open memories in later versions to help ensure that critical meteor.

The basic premise is to build your spellboard round 1 and not fall too behind on the battlefield.   Then you move to abundance and dice exhaust and drop a meteor when your opponent's dice are all gone, either killing or exhausting their entire army.  Then make some cheap units to swing in.

In some matchups (like Namine and aggro decks) I prefer to do 3 or 4 books plus open memories (spirit or dove) and draw into abundance round 2.

Vs slower decks like mill, for example, I like to OM for a second abundance round 1 to guarantee dice shenanigans for round 2.  The overclocked spellboard and situational tech cards (and lots of card draw from abundance) allows you to meditate from hand/spellboard, reducing your chances of hitting critical cards when meditating from deck.

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