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Phoenixborn: Orrick Gilstream
Created by: SmoothCriminal15
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x2 Ceremonial
x1 Charm
x1 Divine
x2 Illusion
x4 Natural

He's the IT Guy because he has access to all the tech!

It's pretty simple. Gilder and Lioness control the Battlefield while Bears and Hammer Knights push through your damage.

The rest is primarly answer. Refresh counter Blood Chains, Steady Gaze, or just lets a HK or Power Through'd unit attack twice. Blood Chains Counters Blood Chains, Steady Gaze, Regress, or deals with problem units. Dispel counters Fade Away and Regress. Even with only 5 Battlefield, these allow Orrick to keep keep no matter what you come across.

Frostbite, Power Through, and Molten Gold were all added to get damage through when the game stalls up. I expected more Big Unit Rin and Orrick at Gencon. Frostbite, in particular, was added to deal with a Namine wall of Butterflies and Spirits that get focused early. Gilder and Bear make a pretty decent wall while I attempt to close out the game with Chant and Frostbite pings.


I did make a last minute change to the deck. I removed 2 Mist Typhoon to fit in a Molten Gold and an Expand (which is great to prevent Vicky from color stripping my dice).

If I could go back and change the deck, I would take out 1 Refresh and the Molten and add the Mist Typhoons back in. Refresh was underutilized as I didn't see a single Blood Chains. They are just too good when I have Gilders and HKs pinging units alongside Lioness hunting. That and my biggest hurdle seems to be Orchid Doves, which were everywhere.

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