The future is Coal!

Phoenixborn: Coal Roarkwin
Created by: lizzie
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x2 Illusion
x3 Natural
x5 Sympathy

This deck was pre Astrea/Koji, Kneel will likely throw a wrench in it 

I kept trying to get stallions to work with other phoenixborn but kept ending up with too many cards in my hand- my solution is Coal. 

Draw to get the cards you need, then slash the hell out of everything else. 

I only keep one copy of butterfly monk on my spellboard bc I want them to die, but have 3 in deck so when I draw another copy I either slash it or if I need to heal (and my opponent is avoiding killing my monks) I side to meditate the spell board copy, then main to put back down another one

FF is ready spells, usually end up slashing any ready spells I draw into with the exception of summon squall stallions 

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