Phoenixborn: Leo Sunshadow
Created by: ryskamp1pd
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x3 Ceremonial
x4 Charm
x3 Divine

Here's my Top 8 deck from GenCon 2017.

Standard First Five:

Summon Owl, Summon Lioness, Chant of Revenge, Open Memories.

Flex: Anchornaut, Enchanted Violinist, Regress depending on how aggro I expected the deck I'm against to be. 

This deck is very good at walling up and milling out the opponent. Every game I won I was able to exhaust their deck before finishing them off. Open Memories to a 2nd owl every game to keep a consistent wall and use Memory Drain whenever you have board advantage to take out their hand. 

The deck is very weak against Vicky Meteor but fairs decently well against all other matchups. 

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