Phoenixborn: Rin Northfell
Created by: foxtrot2620
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x4 Ceremonial
x2 Illusion
x4 Natural

First place deck from Ashes Weekend at Team Covenant in Tulsa, OK.

BDR = "Big Deck Rin" or "Big Damage Rin"

Standard First Five Against Non-Illusion: Summon Frostback Bear, Hammer Knight, Crimson Bomber, Enchanted Violinist, Rin's Fury

Standard First Five Against Illusion: Summon Frostback Bear, Hammer Knight, Hidden Power, Enchanted Violinist, Rin's Fury

Against Jessa: Summon Frostback Bear, Hammer Knight, Enchanted Violinist, Rin's Fury, Hidden Power

Against Rin: Summon Frostback Bear, Hammer Knight, Enchanted Violinist, Rin's Fury, Blood Chains

Against Brennen: Summon Frostback Bear, Hammer Knight, Crimson Bomber, Rin's Fury, Choke

Against Illusion Noah: Summon Frostback Bear, Hammer Knight, Enchanted Violinist, Rin's Fury, Choke 

Against Aradel: Summon Frostback Bear, Hammer Knight, Crimson Bomber, Rin's Fury, Ice Trap

Ice Trap is probably the weakest card in this deck. I'm tempted to drop it for a second EV.


Piloting tips:

In essence, this is a tempo based aggro-control style deck. You put out big damage threats with Hammer Knights, Bears, and Bombers while disrupting your opponent by disabling their units (Ice Trap, Out of the Mists, Stormwind Sniper, Blood Chains, Violinist Pings, Bomber Detonation, and yes even Molten Gold). You leverage your large dice advantage (from Rin's Fury and Hidden Power) to constantly play threats and also hinder your opponent's ability to play answers by exhausting their dice with your Illusion magic. Ice buff helps this along by letting your units live longer and forcing your opponent to spend more dice to destroy them. This deck's main win condition is hitting your opponent's Phoenixborn with your big units. You usually want to try and set-up your big units and clear the opponent's battlefield round 1 so that you can swing in big round 2 onwards. It is not uncommon to swing in for 7 or 8 direct damage after round 1.

You typically want to focus spending any extra dice (i.e. dice not used to summon Hammer Knights, Bears, Bombers, and Snipers) you have on either dice exhaustion to prevent your opponent from summoning more units, or Violinist pings to remove your opponent's units. Knowing how to properly use Illusion dice for exhaustion is something that is not simple to explain. The best thing you can do is practice using it to develop a good understanding of how to use it. 

Ice buff is definitely an ability that takes a lot of finesse. In general, ice buffing a Crimson Bomber or Stormwind Sniper is very good. A 3/3 (3 attack, 3 life) unit for 2 mana is very good, as is a 2/2/1 (2 attack, 2 life, 1 recover) unit that shoots something for 2 damage when it comes into play for 3 mana. However, ice buffing a Bear, Hammer Knight, or even a Violinist after your opponent has committed 1 or 2 dice to wounding it is also very strong and can be frustrating for your opponent.

Out of the Mists being a side action is both a boon and a bane. Being able to use it as a side action to remove a pesky blocker and then swing in with everything for your main action is very strong. You can also do cool things like: main action summon Stormwind Sniper to destroy your opponent's 2 life blocker then side action Out of the Mists to destroy your opponent's 2 or 3 life blocker. This is a huge swing in battlefield presence because you gain 1 unit and your opponent loses 2. The problem with Out of the Mists is that it costs 2 power dice and because its a side action to play you need to make sure you prepare ahead of time by meditating on an earlier turn.

Hammer Knight is a fantastic card because of the 4/3/1 body and the Aftershock ability. Aftershock usually lets you destroy two units everytime you attack with Hammer Knight (which is perfect for an aggro battlefield control deck), and the combination of ice buff with Recovery 1 gives this unit a lot of staying power.

You typically want to use Stormwind Sniper and Molten Gold to remove your opponent's units. A mistake I see a lot of new players make is only using Molten Gold to deal damage to a Phoenixborn. Let's say you have a Bear and your opponent has a Bear. Your opponent is out of dice and has all three Violinists in their discard pile. If you play Molten Gold on to their Phoenxiborn you can put on 3 wounds right away and that's it. If, however, you play Molten Gold onto their Bear, on your next turn you can attack their Phoenixborn directly with your Bear and deal 3 damage anyway. The end result is that Molten Gold let you place three wounds on your opponent AND remove an opposing unit from play. Additionally, if you're going first in the next round then you can swing in with your Bear on an open battlefield for another 3 damage. This doesn't mean you always use Stormwind Sniper and Molten Gold to remove untis. If your opponent is already low on life, and you just need to get a few more wounds on them to win, then by all means use these cards to directly harm their Phoenixborn.



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This deck looks awful, I don't see it performing well.


BDR = Big Deck Rin

This build looks interesting but why only use one of your ready spell slots?

Frankly, I don't need any other ready spells besides bear because of my heavy hitting allies. The focus of the deck is to swing with big units early and often. Keep throwing haymakers at your opponents to keep them on their toes and in a defensive position. There are pretty much only three types of cards in the deck: heavy hitters, removal, and dice recursion.

Foxtrot, any chance you can update the description with some play notes? I'm interested to see your perspective on plays and maneuvers for this deck. Thanks!

Sure thing Agnate. I'll try and update the description with play notes tomorrow.

I know you only NEED one ready spell but would something like Chant of the Dead be useful with the number of allies you have. It might help more in the Illusion matchups.

I really like the potential of Chant of the Dead, but I've yet to see it used very effectively. I think this card will have massive combo potential somwhere down the road. 

You're right that a good argument can be made for more spellboard cards. Chant of Protection is very tempting against direct damage decks. 

Added some piloting details for you Agnate.

Took this to a local tournament of 11 and got 2nd place with 3-0 wins. Great deck! 

Hey Eric,

What cards from Victoria do you see having a place in this deck in the future?

Awesome deck and I also appreciate the added notes! You mentioned that you were contemplating exchanging Ice Trap for an additional EV. How heavily do you think the errata has impacted the EV?



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