Welcome to the Jungle

Phoenixborn: Aradel Summergaard
Created by: bodasafa
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x1 Ceremonial
x5 Natural
x4 Sympathy

I was shooting for a Druid themed deck with this build. My first version used the SUMMON INDIGLOW CREEPER but I found it a bit clunking trying to get them to their final stage. I may try anther deck with Summon Gilders to get the status tokens on them. I replaced SIC with Summon Bitter as it has unit guard and uses the Natural die. Jungle Warrior can help wake up the Sleeping Bear and Hunter Master with a nice boost from Join the Hunt hits for 5. Of course Blue Jaguar helps tap down the big boys your opponent puts into play so get them Summoned as soon as possible. Chant of Revenge was a no brainer with allies like Fire Archer, Squire and Jungle Warrior, and Frost Fang leaving play quickly. I usually put a Squire in my starting five along with my four ready spells. Enjoy the Jungle, and if you see blue its probably already too late!

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