Treasures of the Jungle

Phoenixborn: Koji Wolfcub
Created by: Winnoward
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x4 Charm
x2 Natural
x4 Sympathy

A deck to fully utilize Koji's strategy of growing Brilliant Thorns quickly and effeciently.
Jungle Warrioirs and Gilders are for protection and more status tokens, Exchange Link and Resourceful 1 have great synergy for moving tokens around and giving more options during a single turn. Exchange Link and Shatter pulse also work great in destroying Indiglow Creepers early.
Hypnotize is in there to ensure your Brilliant Thorns can damage the opposing PB

Not entirely sure about the dice spread, but for the basis spread I wanted to put in 4 charm dice to ensure you can use hypnotize 2 times late game in one turn or round.

Suggested FF: Summoning books, Iron Worker, Jungle Warrior, Lick Wounds/ Explosive Growth

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