Sympathetic Voodoo

Phoenixborn: Leo Sunshadow
Created by: Phenexian
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x7 Ceremonial
x3 Sympathy

This deck's game plan is simple; Get Puppets on their side of the board and use string mages to make those puppets a huge pain to get rid of.
With the help of finches to keep your string mages around and dread wraiths to keep your health in check, your aim should be to abuse the string mages; use damage generated by attempts to remove blood puppets or poison enchantments on their creatures to make room on their board for more puppets, dumping excess damage on to a wraith to make it a heavy hitter.
Final Cry and Chant of Revenge will turn your finch into a regular source of damage or board clear.
If they ever bring in something with too much health to be easily dealt with, blood chains or regress can make it another clogged board slot, and even bounty of damage counters for your mages with poison.
Use anguish early to get some damage in early or force them to give you too much early set up.

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