Sweep and Beat

Phoenixborn: Rin Northfell
Created by: JamesWade
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x4 Ceremonial
x6 Natural

First 5 - Leech Warrior, Summon Butterfly Monk, Summon Forstback Bear, Frost Bite. Last card either Choke or Ice Trap.

Strategy - Leech Warriors are great shields because no one wants to lose dice. Out build your opponent in units while aggressive attacking what ever units they put out. Go over the top of them with your battlefield advantage and late game direct damage. Frost Bite is the engine. Great for killing units and damage Phoenix Born if you both wall up.

Future - I will probably add 1x Cut the Stings and take out a Massive Growth. Also you could replace Fire Archers with Chant of Revenge. But Archers work great with ceremonial dice power side action.

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