Surface to Air

Phoenixborn: Lulu Firststone
Created by: ShaneConvey
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x4 Ceremonial
x2 Charm
x4 Natural

Inspired by Lulu NCC


First Five: 1 Summon Gilder, 1 x Summon Orchid Dove, 1 x Phoenix Barrage, 1 x Expand Energy, 1 x Archornaut  




The game plan for this deck was to build a board up using my first five, make my opponent attack me as they would worry about my burn and use up dice doing so with my Orchid Dove effect.  With the opponents board clear, attack with a full board, bolstered and use burn to finish off any remaining life.  I would recur Anchornaut using Ceremonial power for 0 damage to me.  I also used my allies to ping my opponents board to help clear the way.  Expand energy to give me dice back but more importantly, allowing me to use the spell as a main action at the end of the round to prolong it and get some more attacks in.

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