Orrick Iron Fist v2

Phoenixborn: Orrick Gilstream
Created by: pcaston2
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x3 Ceremonial
x3 Charm
x3 Natural
x1 Sympathy


The goal of this deck is to to use Orrick's superior dice numbers, in conjunction with some other dice-enhancing cards, to build a strong advantage every turn. You can delve into your deck to focus your strong spells and have more than enough power to execute them. Enhancement, control, and sacrificial spells are used to further the singular goal of hitting hard and avoiding retaliation.

First Five:

  • Open Memories
  • Summon Iron Rhino
  • Expand Energy
  • Hypnotize
  • Empower

Initial Round:

The first thing should be to get Summon Iron Rhino out. If no real threat exists, getting another out with Open Memories is ideal. This is an investment in reducing the cost. Try to put different types of dice aside early, so that you can execute Orrick's "Bounty" ability. If you happen to have a Ceremonial Power Die, try to get out Expand Energy. If not, exhaust the die and hope it comes back from the Bounty on the right side.

The Long Run

After the first turn, you want to keep hitting with an enhanced Rhino and Hypnotize. There are a plethora of enhancement cards that will buff, control and sacrifice as needed. Empower can help cycle cards, if you are looking for one in particular or the ones in your hand aren't of use. Keep putting Rhinos out and using spells to optimize your field, while hindering your opponents.

Card Explanation

  • Expand Energy - Maintain a high dice advantage
  • Summon Iron Rhino - All the dice need to be spent on something, why not make it big?
  • Empower - Buff the Rhino getting through to the enemy, cycle useless cards, get a free dice back!
  • Hypnotize - There's only two, one in the First Five. It's unlikely all 3 would be needed, there's barely enough dice
  • Open Memories - Gets the Summon Iron Rhino, and possibly a second one if more OM are drawn
  • Blood Chains - Get rid of a hampered unit that's cluttering your board and put the debuff back on your opponent
  • Amplify - Double-up on charm dice, making a hypnotize'd Rhino hit much harder, and give it more survivability
  • Frozen Crown - Big, cheap attack buff
  • Undenying Heart - Keep your guys alive and regenerating
  • Regress - Serves a double purpose, gets rid of powerful buffs then nerfs the card
  • Change Psyche - Again, double purpose, exhaust an enemy unit or make yours free to attack again
  • Molten Gold - Melt faces


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