One Punch Leo

Phoenixborn: Leo Sunshadow
Created by: dok
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x6 Charm
x3 Divine
x1 Illusion

This is a version of the one punch deck that's been going around, which is designed to win a game using one (or two at most) massive Hypno hits with an Amplified Holy Knight.  The big disadvantage of using Leo (as opposed to Maeoni) is that not having strike makes it hard to hit for lethal against 18 life PBs in round 2 if you don't draw into a third amplify.  However, I like using Leo for two reasons:

  1. This dice spread is much less of a tell with Leo because he can reasonably be using a ton of charm dice anyway.  This means you are less likely to see an opponent first 5 dispel against you, or otherwise plan around the potential of the one punch build.
  2. The finch gives you a cheap blocker, and more importantly can block a big spell like fear, etc, which gives you the freedom to take a hypno swing for less than lethal while maintaining some protection against opposing spells.

Typical first 5: Holy Knight, Amplify, OM (for another Amplify), Hypnotize, flex.  Against decks likely to bring an owl, flex should be something you're ready to pitch.  Against Illusion, flex is LoA.  Against neither, it's usually a EV (allowing you to get a double-amp Holy Knight plus two blockers - the finch and the violinist).

Most of the rest of the deck is inexpensive cards that give main actions, to hopefully allow for enough actions to get the charm dice on board for the big swing.

(Maeoni version that started the trend:

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