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Phoenixborn: Brennen Blackcloud
Created by: ShadowcatX
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x3 Ceremonial
x3 Charm
x4 Natural

My attempt at creating a Brennen deck that is situated for the Leo / Coal meta. 

Vs. Leo: Monk, Owl, anchornaut, OM, Hammer Knight. OM for owl. 

Vs. Coal: Monk, Owl, OM, Revenge, regress, OM for Monk. 

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Your FF vs. Coal is going to need an answer for HK. And, really, you should be ready for an HK, a FBB, and a Shadow Spirit. The OM for a Monk is a good answer. I would start Regress. Now, having said that, they will exhaust, quite aggressively, your Nature mana. That's how Christian shut Skyler out of his second monk, and a gilder. That video should be up eventually.

Good call. Adjustments made. 

I am a bit skeptical of how many Blood Chains and Redirects you have. If you are using Brennen, you inherently have a weaker board state than other PBs. Both Redirect and Blood Chains excell when you have ample board state, which this deck seems to lack in comparison to other PBs.

Nick Conley



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