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Phoenixborn: Lulu Firststone
Created by: Sajan666
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x4 Ceremonial
x2 Charm
x4 Natural

Hi all.

This is my variation about my previous deck Lulu Ice and Fire from Darkness.  had modify it due to problems with board control  - against Noah with Wolves and similar decks I had no time and resources to block opponent's units.

FF: Summon Gilder, Widows and Orchid Dove, Anchornaut and 5th card depends on matchup I suggest Ice Trap, Remorse or Final Cry.

Turn 1 and 2 is for combo Anchornaut suicide for Widows and attack with Lulu buff for 6 in trun 2. Don;t kill Anchornaut in turn 1 - his ability cost you nothing, and Lulu ability is side action, so you can attack same turn when Widows came to play. Turn 2 is safe if someone would like to kill them with spells or Wolves in example.

Against opponents with more creatures play Orchid Dove first to increase opponet's cost of attacking. Against someone with squishy units play Gilder to kille them for free. However remember Gilder can protect your Orchid Dove making it even more annoying.

Taki Ice Trap if you suspect opponent will play Crimson Bomber or Anchornaut to use Brennen ability.  Otherwise 1 of burn spells depends on what you are expecting - opponent cleaning your battlefield or attacking aggesively yourself.

Deck is dice hungry all the time, but whenever you have spare Ceremonil use it to take Anchornaut unless you;ve got already 2 Frost Bit in game then alway better to hit Phoenixborn. 

You have massive direct damage potential with a lot of spells, so do not hesitate to meditate and usually use your unit just for blocking, as your battlefield is extremely tight. Of course if you have clear way to hit hard Phoenixborn with Lulu buff do not hesitate to do so.


Waiting for comments with thoughts.

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