Iain sucks at milling

Phoenixborn: Saria Guideman
Created by: AndyWeiss33
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x8 Charm
x2 Illusion

FF: Summon Seaside Raven, Summon Nightshade Swallow, Open Memories (for the second Nightshade), Shifting Mist, Hidden Power. You don't necessarily need to bring out the second Nightshade Swallow, but getting it down will immediately begin the mill.

I had been running this deck with Owls instead of Ravens and a few other differences (Remorse instead of Sympathy Pain, 2 change Psyche, Iron Works, and a few others), but I kept running into the same problem: No big unit threat, except the Beast Tamers. Owls were targeted relentlessly and didn't do much. However, what this deck IS great at is absolutely running through an opponent's deck. Ravens will now offer a counter to big units, and SP will go over the top for damage. Redirects will allow clearance of Nightshade Swallows to bring them out again, so I won't be wasting two dice just to mill. 

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