Gravities a Bitch

Phoenixborn: Echo Greystorm
Created by: bodasafa
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x1 Charm
x1 Divine
x3 Natural
x5 Sympathy

I built this deck around the Magic Purity ready spell, triggered when you are required to pay three basic symbols. I chose a number of allies to trigger this affect. I have never cared for the Iron Rhino, but wanted to see if I could make them work in this deck to trigger Magic Purity. Elephant Rider, Spear Master, and Battle Mage, also get a cost reduction when MP kicks in. After more play testing I may move Massive Growth for two more Elephant Riders. If any of you are willing to give this deck a try, I would appreciate any constructive comments on improving it. If you hate it, feel free to say so I can take the criticism. 

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I liked the deck, it worked well but fell short late game. I have played many rush decks and in reality if you want to make a rush deck which i suggest you do they work well, try using Orrick Gilstream and ditch the mirror spirit and the frost bite they may help for clearing smaller things, but if you want a board wipe for little mist spirits or salamander monks, look for meteor 

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