Fear the dice

Phoenixborn: Jessa Na Ni
Created by: dok
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x4 Ceremonial
x3 Illusion
x3 Natural

I played a version of this deck at a War Within event, then tweaked it to this version which I played at Gencon.  I went 4-0 in qualifying with it (forfeiting my last game so I could play a different event I had scheduled), but lost in the round of 16 to Phil's mill Leo (Owls, Lionesses, and Heal - I was ahead almost the entire game, but couldn't break through fully and ran out of deck.)

I usually find when I play Jessa that I'm perpetually short on dice, in part because she wants to use screams all the time.  So I decided to build a Jessa deck around the idea of maximizing dice advantage while still pursuing the standard Jessa strategy of victory by screams.  So I tripled up on Expand Energy, in addition to the standard 3x Hidden Power that comes with playing illusion dice.  Additionally, with the exception of the Hammer Knights (one usually first 5) and the one Summon Sleeping Widows, all the cards in the deck cost 1 die - or zero in the case of fear.  Again, the goal is to keep as many dice freed up so that you can throw screams at every opportunity.

My main takeaways from playing this deck at Gencon is that while Blood Puppets are amazing when you can use them, there are too many matchups where you can't to commit a spellboard slot to it.  I will come out with a tweaked version featuring Chant of Revenge instead, and probably more Sleeping Widows.  I may include more Blood Chains as well to deal with opposing Regress and Blood Chains.  I'll probably drop the Fade Away and (shock!) maybe a Hammer Knight.  Editing this deck is tough because what you need depends so heavily on the matchup.

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