Fang and Claw

Phoenixborn: Aradel Summergaard
Created by: alchemister
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x2 Ceremonial
x5 Divine
x3 Natural

This is my deck that finished 9th at Gencon 2017. At its heart this is a midrange-swing deck, with just a little bit of extra reach from Molten Gold. This deck uses Aradel's superior battlefield and board control from Water Blast to fill your board with large efficient units and overpower and outsustain your opponents. Because of Aradel's battlefield, having a Shield Mage or two buffing your units doesn't hinder your battlefield, supplement that with stacking Healing Aura from lions, not only are your units better than your opponent's but they typically get more value. Due to the high unit cost in this deck, establishing board superiority round 1 is crucial.

Typical FF: Bear, Lion, Lioness, typically Law of Assurance or Expand Energy, flex
TN: 10 = 3 Bear, 3 Lion, 2 Lioness, 0 Law of Assurance or Expand, 1 flex, 1 Waterblast

Against Owls: Flex = Shield Mage or Ice Trap. Few decks run both Illusion and Owls so I think Expand is usually the choice here. Owls are a huge problem for us, since our only 3 books are in our opening hand. Fortunately, between Lioness and Water Blast we can usually prevent them from triggering. If its heavy charm, go Shield Mage, you can discard it and recurr it if they drop the second book. If it is low Charm, Ice Trap is good just to trade card for card and clear up a unit on board.

Against Heavy Illusion: Flex = Fire Archer or Regress if HK is possible. The first round Law of Assurance is enough to ensure our engine gets online. I would typically recommend guarding and taking Shadow Spirits attakcs round 1, especially if they try to trade with a lioness.

Big units: Flex = Regress (HK) or Shield Mage (HoK). Regress is one of this decks few answers to a round 1 HK. Most players who start a round one HoK will not attack with it against you, because of relatively easy it is for you to remove it after it has attacked. I still think its better to drop the Shield Mage as a reasonable blocker. And if they Ice Trap the Shield Mage, the Lioness is guarenteed to hit, and you can probably apply more damage in return.

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