Direct Damage

Phoenixborn: Maeoni Viper
Created by: EpicGollum1499
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x4 Ceremonial
x3 Charm
x1 Illusion
x2 Natural


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Cool Deck. I ran it through Joe's dice suggester and it suggests 3-3-3-1. I definitely think you need more Blue, and could even do less Black (Molten Gold needs 2 Blue power, Final cry needs only 1 Black power. Both Ready spells activate with Blue, and ready spells can be used alot...)
If not 3-3-3-1 I might even try 4 Blue 3 Pink 2 Black and 1 Purple. Tho guess it depends on desired first five, and if you drew Living Doll, Sniper, and Final Cry (and...).

You have no way of adjusted your dice pool outside of meditation. Having 3 molten golds and only 2 nature dice seems problematic.



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