The Birdman of Rustwatch

Phoenixborn: Coal Roarkwin
Created by: AndyWeiss33
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x3 Ceremonial
x7 Charm

Played a couple of times with this one. I wouldn't call it my favorite deck or anything, but it is fun and generally effective. It doubles as a swarm deck/milling deck, with some light burning involved to boot. 

First fives vary, but I've recently been doing Expand Energy, Summon Owl, Living Doll, Call Upon the Realms, Summon Orchid Dove. I discard the Living Doll just as most do Anchornaut, then pick it up right away. That gives you a shot at focusing Orchid Dove or getting one of the other birds out. 

I've also run it with Chant of Revenge over Call. It's risky if you want to throw away/pick up the Living Doll, unless your opponnt isn't running any Illusion dice, but getting Chant focused quickly will be a HUGE boon against pinging via Gilders/Focused Shadow Hounds/frogs. 

Having Coal without 100 Blades is weird, and I'm trying to figure out exactly how I could put them in, but stacking the Spellboard this way is loads of fun and the deck basically requires some heavy reaction. 

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