Bears Brennan - Updated

Phoenixborn: Brennen Blackcloud
Created by: TonyStellato
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x4 Ceremonial
x2 Illusion
x4 Natural

Bears Brennan is the definition of Mid-Range in Ashes. It has a poor matchup against the Owl Charm decks that blew up after Leo dropped, but it is great against Aggro decks.

The Choices: 
-Expand Energy and Hidden Power are more than enough to keep you in the game against Illusion players. It's also more than enough to bully non-illusion players.
-Bears are the gold standard for conjurations. It gives you a beefy unit and a way to lock down even beefier units. Yes, you don't want to Spirit Burn a Bear, but the deck has Anchornauts for that.
-Deep Freeze is a secret weapon of the deck (but can be replaced with Mist Typhoons if you need a better charm matchup). Always hide the Deep Freeze and play it at the end of a round. Well-timed, it can turn the tides.
-Crimson Bomber dies to Ice Trap, so get them to waste their Ice Trap first. It's a great card to contest Hammer Knights if it doesn't get trapped.

First Five: Chant, Bear, Expand Energy, Anchornaut, Hidden Power. You can put in a Hammer Knight instead of Anchornaut and hope to mill a weenie. You can also put in a Crimson Bomber against Jessa if you are trying to force the Fear.


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