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Phoenixborn: Maeoni Viper
Created by: dok
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x4 Ceremonial
x3 Charm
x3 Natural

I've played several close variants of the build here.  The basic idea is to allow Maeoni to keep up by turning over your battlefield using Crimson Bombers, Redirects, and Blood Chains, while also killing enemy units using those Bombers, Gilder summon, Ice Trap, Poison, and when necessary nature dice, Chant of Revenge, Sympathy Pain, and Molten Gold.  This allows you to kind of simulate a larger battlefield despite Maeoni's limit of 3 and keep up with other decks.  The rest of the spells in the deck are a bit splashy to give you some versatility.

First five is generally the ready spells and the Hammer Knight.


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