Bad Juju Lulu

Phoenixborn: Lulu Firststone
Created by: proplum
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x5 Ceremonial
x2 Charm
x3 Illusion

FF Summon Shadow Spirit, Summon Orchid Dove, Chant of Revenge, Summon Sleeping Widows, Rose Fire Dancer or Fire Archer. I would start Rose Fire Dancer or Fire Archer depending on whether or not I thought I could use RFD to exhaust and swing in with other units in the matchup. Fire Archer for early and consistent burn with Chant of Revenge and Ceremonial Power.

I added Reflections in the Water because I thought I'd see more birds and Sympathy allies at GenCon, but I only saw 1 owl and it was too busy blocking to use its ability. I would likely trade one out for Open Memories to get an early double Shadow Spirit, or replace them with particle shields.

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If anyone has any suggestions for this deck, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

With nine reaction spells and an empty spellboard slot, I'd get a Secret Door in there. Lets you draw an extra most rounds and pick up an extra Sympathy Pain/Choke/Widows/Redirect if you think you need it. 

Also, I'd drop Open Memories if you aren't running it in the first five. Ditto any deck with Sleight of Hand, to be honest--I never run more than one.

Thanks for the feedback. I think you had great advice, and I made a few changes before heading off to GenCon



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