Astrea power revenge

Phoenixborn: Astrea
Created by: Mikkel
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x3 Ceremonial
x3 Charm
x4 Divine

FF: Mark of the Goddess, Summon Winged Lioness, Summon Turtle Guard, Summon Steadfast Guardian, Devotion

The ide of the deck is to summon a turtle as soon as possible, kidnap their first +1 attack unit with MOG, attach devotion to the turtle. Attack with the kidnapped unit. Next turn I use Astreas ability in an attack to exhaust turtle, summon a steadfast guardian on the fly, move exhaustion token to devotion, exhaust either their second unit or put a second exhaustion token on the kidnapped unit. The overall wincon is to gain control before attack, and to use the living dolls as both shields and meteor mirrors.

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