Shifting Mist

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Card Type: Ready Spell
Placement: Spellboard
Standard Deck: The Mist Guardian
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This is a bad card unless you find yourself frequently decking out without it. 

Eh, I actually like this card. It allows you to meditate without losing a potentially good card from your deck. Say you need a Hammer Knight in your hand for round 2 and during round 1 you meditate it away. You then lose that card you need during the next round and you will get hit for 4 trying to get it back with Ceremonial dice. It's just the way I see it.

I strongly disagree.

This is one of the most powerful cards in the game. Each dice types most powerful cards require power symbols, frogs are king in nature decks but it all comes down to rolls. In a game where your economy is very roll dependant this can take some of the randomness away.

Yes you could just meditate cards from your deck. But with the current deck line up at least Nature and Ceremonial decks can optimize there deck to have 30 useful cards. Rather than trashing one it's often better for it to end up in your hand. This helps you do that. With the big milling theme of Charm dice it's important to keep cards in your deck especially the good ones. I'd never include more than 1-2 copies of this card but it's a staple in many decks.

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