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Card Type: Reaction Spell
Placement: Discard
Standard Deck: The Bloodwoods Queen
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Question about damage sources: If I recall correctly when tis card diverts an attack to an illusion, the illusion aibility triggers.

Following that is it correct that if you redirect an opponents sympathy pain or final cry to a seaside raven the damage does not get placed?

It is still damaged, as redirect doesn't really redirect the damage but cancels it and deals that much damage to a unit you control (damage that may be caused by an attack, and therefore trigger illusion), but it is your spell that deals damage, and kills your raven

Berelex, you're incorrect.  Redirecting to raven doesn't kill it in that scenario.  The damage is still coming from Sympathy Pain/Final Cry, not Redirect.

Are we sure about that? This came up today for me, and my gut tells me this WOULD hurt the Raven properly, since the Raven, in this case, is being affected by your own spell (the Redirect). Similarly, it would not destroy an Illusion unit, since the Illusion unit would not be taking damage from combat - it would be taking it from your spell.

This is the way we are running it, anyway, and I'm not seeing anything in the FAQ that suggestions otherwise, but I'm open to being wrong!


You are correct that it isn't covered in the current FAQ. This has been discussed on Slack and Bob's ruling is on the forum:

Redirect changes where the damage is applied to, but not the soure of the damage. Therefore, Ravens' ability against spells, Snakes' Consume, Bears' Freeze, Spiked Armor etc can all trigger.

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