Molten Gold

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Card Type: Action Spell
Placement: Discard
Standard Deck: The Snakes in Silver
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This is the meta-defining card. Because of this, everyone will run at least two Natural dice in nearly every deck, and three hit point allies like the Hammer Knight won't see much play.

Respectfully disagree on Hammer Knights not seeing play because of this card. I find it not worth it to play a Molten Gold on an ally unless I don't want to hit them with damage (Living Doll or Leech Warrior). There are much more cost efficient methods for removing a Hammer Knight, such as Gilder Ping, counter attack, and a frog. Hammer Knights are one of the most powerful turn 1 plays and it puts incredible pressure on the opponent. Most decks won't pack a Molten Gold in their FF just to handle a Hammer Knight. The opportunity cost of not playing it on the opposing PB is huge, as it is an unavoidable advancement of your win condition.

Nick Conley

Today, I would have respectfully disagreed on everyone running two natural dice as well. Meditating has a cost, and Heavy Exhaustion is a fairly popular playstyle. If one of the two Nats gets exhausted you'll have to bring it back for it to use Molten Gold - and since bringing dice back from exhaustion is a main action with the current cards, same as casting Molten Gold, you'll inevitably give the chance to your opponent to exhaust your die again.

Why don't I respectfully disagree anymore then? Because today we found out about Chant of the Dead.

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