Iron Worker

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Card Type: Ally
Placement: Battlefield
Attack: 2
Life: 2
Recovery: 1
Standard Deck: The Iron Men
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Can u do another side-action that is already exhausted?

Nope.  If a side action involves exhausting a Phoenixborn or Unit, you won't be able to use it a second time unless the ability was inexhaustible.

Exactly how often and when does the Resourceful 1 ability place status tokens on Iron Worker? Is it once per round at the beginning of the "Player Turns Phase", or each time the players alternate turns during the "Player Turns Phase"? Several cards in Ashes, like this one, have confusing technical writing.

This is not a Signature.

so this is well after your comment but:

since it specifically states "at the beginning of the player turns phase" it means 1 time at the very beginning of that phase.

after both players pass and round 2 begins, a second token is placed.

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