Dread Wraith

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Card Type: Conjuration
Placement: Battlefield
Attack: 1
Life: 6
Recovery: 0
Associated Spell: Summon Dread Wraith
Conjuration Limit: 2
Standard Deck: Ralph the Blood Puppet
2 comments below.

I recently had a problem with dread wraith : if he is attacked by a unit with combat advantage, is he to counter-attack with his initial attack or with the rage buff ?

He'll counter-attack with the Rage buff.  The BA unit deals their damage first, which starts a damage resolution process.  Damage resolves into Wounds, which are placed on the DW, and then the DW deals his damage.

I believe this would also work if the DW attacks something and is blocked and countered.  Damage is dealt simultaneously in that instance, but as the active player, the DW controller could decide that the opponent's Unit's damage resolves first, thereby allowing the DW to get the Rage buff in the batte (I think - could be wrong here).

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